CAADP a catalyst for agricultural transformation in Africa

Sustainable development in the agriculture sector was high on the agenda at the FANRPAN dialogue in Dar es Salaam, which included discussions about the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP).

Tanzania’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mohammed Said Muya said agriculture is the backbone of the economy of almost all African countries and that seeking solutions for food sufficiency in the region is crucial.

As a member of CAADP, Tanzania has been able to implement a green revolution – “Kilimo Kwanza” (agriculture first) - which is practiced from regional to district levels.

Tanzania is a good example where the agricultural sector is sufficient enough. For three years now Tanzania has not imported maize and it has become a major supplier of maize to other countries like Kenya, Congo and Zambia.

However, to sustain and excel in agriculture, good conditions for the growing of crops must be maintained, regardless of the world climate change crisis. People no longer only depend on seasonal rainfall for production and irrigation systems are becoming increasingly important.

Muya said Tanzania has various resources for the facilitation of irrigation schemes and the country has long forgotten about seasonal rainfall. For agriculture to sustain and grow, he said farmers need more private sector investment to complement government’s allocated budget for the sector.

In general, however, the agricultural sector in Africa is still facing a lot of challenges, including climate change and low investment.

“CAADP member states have to implement the objective of the agreement to become self-sufficient in food production and to reduce poverty,” said Muya.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012
Khadijah Zimbwe, Arnold Rweyemamu and Penina Malundo
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