Civil Society Mover and Shaker Award Mtandao wa Vikundi vya wa Kulima Tanzania (MVIWATA)

The Civil Society Mover and Shaker Award, launched in 2009 in Mozambique, is set to restore the dignity of the African farmer and non-state actors who (i) safeguard natural resources; (ii) share knowledge; (iii) build local access and capacity; (iv)protect harvests; (v) enable access to markets; and (vi) prioritise research imperatives.

MVIWATA has been playing a major role in empowering small-scale farmers through their effective representation and participation in planning and decision-making processes in the district agricultural development plans (DADPs). This has been done through establishment of farmers’ networks at district, ward and village levels, which can engage in dialogue with local government and private service providers. This is achieved through the project entitled “Enhanced participation of farmer organizations in the planning of the Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP) in Tanzania”, which is being implemented in 10 regions, both on Mainland and Zanzibar.

MVIWATA plays an important role in innovation and links up (both nationally and internationally) with actors relevant to rural development and agricultural innovation. It is recognized by farmers and other stakeholders as a credible, independent, and democratic membership organization with elected representatives. They work closely with Agriculture Research & Development organizations and is a member of several national steering committees and boards. Internationally, and also networks with other NGOs and funding partners. The organization has credibility with both farmers and other agricultural innovation stakeholders who recognize the organization as independent from the government and publicly financed services.

Some agricultural innovations that have recently been adopted by the organisation farmers’ groups include:

    • Replacement of conventional cultivation systems involving frequent ploughing and tillage to ‘conservation agriculture’. For example on the slopes of the Uluguru Mountain in the Morogoro Region, farmers have adopted improved soil conservation measures (such as terracing and contour bund farming, row cropping across the slope and agro-forestry practices), as well as zero and rotational grazing. They have also introduced new crops such as tomatoes, Irish potatoes, and sunflowers, and have dug water distribution canals for better management of irrigated agriculture.
    • In the drought-prone Dodoma Region, farmers have adopted techniques such as rainwater harvesting and agro-forestry, and are addressing soil fertility issues by leaving crop residues in the field and incorporating them into the soil to encourage nutrient recycling.

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Civil Society Mover and Shaker Award
Mr Laurent Raburire from MVIWATA with Minister of Information Youth Culture and Sport Tanzania

Civil Society Mover and Shaker Award
Hon. Sindiso Ngwenya FANRPAN Board of Governors Chairman with Mr Stephen Ruvunga and Mr Laurent Raburire representing MVI

Monday, September 17, 2012
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