Youth in Agriculture Award Shambani Graduate Enterprise

FANRPAN launched the youth in agriculture award in Tanzania. In keeping with our vision of giving the youth a voice in the agriculture policy arena; FANRPAN also decided to encourage and recognise young people that saw the opportunities in the sector and made use of them.

Shambani Graduate Enterprise (SGE) was established by three young graduates from Sokoine University in 2003. Since then, they have been a blessing to the farmers in Morogoro Municipality. They started off with one milk supplier, with an initial processing capacity of 30 litres. Today the plant receives milk from over 200 suppliers and has a processing capacity of 750 litres of milk and produces up to three different products: pasteurized cultured milk, pasteurized fresh milk and pasteurized flavored milk.

SGE now supplies processed milk and other dairy products to retail outlets within the municipality as well as the country’s capital city, Dar es Salaam, which is 120 miles away. The graduates use local technology to process their milk and have deployed hygiene standards and other innovative measures to compete among the leading processors in the country. SGE plans to increase their investment by US$ 78,000 immediately, US$ 50,000 of which they will raise through a loan facility. They plan to increase the investment to over US$ 100,000 in three years.

View SGE video clip here:

Youth agriculture award
Mr and Mrs Mfinange from Shambani Graduate Enterprise with Dr Fenella Mukangara Minister of Information Youth Culture

Youth in Agriculture Award
Hon. Sindiso Ngwenya FANRPAN Board of Governors Chairman with Mr and Mrs Victor Mfinange from Shambani Graduate Enterprise

Monday, September 17, 2012
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